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AMA Marketing Insights: Behind the Screens

AMA Marketing Insights: Behind the Screens

Live broadcasting is a major draw for advertisers. It’s not just the Super Bowl, Olympics, and Awards ceremonies that garner millions of fans…but shows like The Voice, American Idol, and other “of-the-moment” telecasts are extraordinarily popular for TV audiences. And the bigger the audiences, the bigger the interest for advertisers. The advent of On Demand, DVR, and Netflix has eliminate a lot of the hype of live broadcasts. As more viewers watch commercial-less shows, this creates a problem for advertisers and networks. In order to solve the problem and generate more profits for both parties, live broadcast has become the optimum investment. Networks spend fortunes securing rights for the big live events, and advertisers spend just as much ramping up their advertising campaigns for the telecast. Additionally, the social media platforms that generate extensive chatter about the shows is especially enticing to build audiences and fans, both for shows and brands. There seems to be a formula that works, but a very small window of opportunity.┬áNBC attempted to make this phenomenon more successful, by hosting a live broadcast of The Sound of Music. This generated an audience of 18.6 million viewers and NBC has plans for more live broadcasts in 2014. How successful is this pursuit? CEO, Jeri Smith writes for American Marketing Association’s bimonthly publication, Marketing Insights, on the new phenomenon and what advertisers can expect. Read more...

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