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Trends in Advertising is brought to you by Communicus, Inc., an advertising research firm that measures how well a brand’s advertising is working. We use a unique model to research ad campaigns across all media, everything from TV commercials to blogs, gaining consumer feedback and developing insights to present to our clients. Our partnership helps them create advertising that is relevant to their audience and will maximize their advertising effectiveness. We’ve evaluated $30billion dollars worth of advertising in the past 25 years and understand how to identify successful and less successful aspects of advertising and IMC campaigns.

At Trends in Advertising, we want to facilitate discussions about new developments, share our observations and insights, and engage readers in real-time commentary on current campaigns, media trends, and advertising-related consumer behavior. Advertising gets people talking, and we are here to dive in and stir up the conversation.

For more information about Communicus and our research methodology please visit us at communicus.com


jeri-smith_TIAJeri Smith
Chief Executive Officer, Communicus, Inc.
After joining the firm in 1992, Jeri was named CEO of Communicus in 2009. She provides research-based consulting and helps clients achieve better understanding of the effects of their advertising campaigns. After analyzing the impact of how effective a client’s marketing communication platform is working, Jeri works to identify strategies that will produce better returns on a brand’s marketing communications investments. Read More »

kacy-doster_TIAKacy Doster
VP, Account Services, Communicus, Inc.
As a member of the senior management team, Kacy develops and leads advertising research and consulting initiatives for Fortune 100 advertisers including MillerCoors, HP and others. Her comprehensive advertising and consumer studies research produces actionable recommendations to promote ROI, advertising impact and brand optimization. In addition to studying design, management and analysis, Kacy works closely with the Communicus Analytics Group… Read More »

Trevor Kvaran
VP, Analytics, Communicus, Inc.
Trevor oversees a team responsible for developing strategic processes to accumulate, manage and analyze information as well as maintain the integrity of Communicus data. Trevor specializes in using a wide variety of quantitative methods and statistical computing solutions to better understand consumer behaviors. His background in researching different aspects of decision making, along with his interests in predictive modeling and data visualization, are well suited for his leadership… Read More »

Aleena_TIA copyAleena Astorga Roeschley
Research Director and Multicultural Expert, Communicus, Inc.
Aleena brings decades of experience in Hispanic culture and language to her leadership on the Communicus team, providing insights and recommendations to brands seeking to engage Hispanic consumers. Aleena is a second generation Mexican-American, growing up in an Arizona border town. Throughout her childhood, she was connected with family in Mexico and was raised to read, write, and speak both English and Spanish. She sought to embrace the dual cultural lifestyle throughout her schooling, pursuing studies… Read More »

rose-reaves_TIARosemarie Reaves
VP, Survey Design and Field Operations, Communicus, Inc.
Rosemarie Reaves oversees the team responsible for developing and executing the process by which Communicus gathers the data to evaluate advertising effectiveness. Rose specializes in crafting efficient and accurate questionnaires for online panel participants. Her background in Quality Assurance and Data Collection lend her an expert eye for detail and an ability to logically direct participants through a comprehensive evaluation. Her successful management of multiple panel providing companies contributes to Communicus’ ability to provide… Read More »

Kathleen-CollKathleen Coll
VP, Senior Account Director, Communicus, Inc.
As Senior Account Director, Kathleen is responsible for developing, executing and interpreting advertising research studies for Fortune 100 advertisers in the packaged goods and beverage sectors. Her passion and thought leadership have proven to produce actionable recommendations on advertising impact and brand optimization. In addition, Kathleen is a key member of the Communicus Innovations team, envisioning and developing new tools to best address ever changing marketplace dynamics. Kathleen comes to Communicus with over twelve years of… Read More »